Pamela Froman

California – Born and raised in Manhattan by her mother Ann Froman, the well-known sculptor and designer, Pamela graduated from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology and subsequently moved to Europe where she settled in Paris and began designing jewelry for the top couturier salons including Courreges, Cacharel, Carita, Guy Larouche, and Valentino. As much as she enjoyed the challenge of creating for preeminent designers, Pamela needed to forge her own artistic path.

Pamela Froman feels strongly that individuality is the underlying theme of beauty. “I believe that the more a piece is worn the more beautiful it is because it becomes part of the person’s essence. Two people can wear the same piece and it will have a different look or give off a different aura. My mission is to create handmade jewelry of the highest quality, therefore each piece is thoughtfully designed with 22k, platinum or an array of different colored 18k gold, so that everything from the cut, the color, and even the clarity of the stones flow seamlessly to complement the overall look of the design. I like to think that if my jewelry were someday discovered in an old buried treasure chest, it would stand the test of time, much like the antiquities of the great civilizations do today.”

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